The Experience


Let me put your mind at ease: photos will be remembered for the rest of time, but the experience you have taking those photos is so much more important.

Now if you're wondering why, that’s because in order for your photos to turn out absolutely beautiful, you need to be able to completely trust your vendors - and this case, your photographer! In order to establish that trust, an out-of-this-world experience should be provided for you!

“Okay Kate, soooo what should I expect with you?”

So glad you asked ;) this is the 12 step system of what having me as your photographer will look like:

Step 1: My photos speak to you.

If this hasn’t happened for you, I don’t suggest filling out the contact form. If you’re wondering why the short and simple version is this: we won’t make a great fit because my philosophy and style of work is based so much on the connection you have with myself, my work and with each other. With that connection gone - the work I create will look very different from what you see on my website.

Step 2: You inquire!

You felt that connection and you want to know more - sweet!! The contact form will send over your inquiry to me right away! I always try and respond within the hour if not sooner, but if you don’t hear from me within that timeframe, I’m either shooting, sleeping or it’s an emergency - I promise!! <3

Step 3: You have all the info you need, and decide to move forward!

That first part is especially important, I value honesty and integrity in all my conversations and if you are feeling hesitant in ANY way because of questions you may have, then I have failed as your new friend! I want you to be able to say without a shadow of a doubt that all your questions have been answered and you are confident (but especially EXCITED!) about including me in your special day. A lot of times brides tell me that they feel bad for asking me a ton of questions - GURL LISTEN: I LOVE WHEN YOU ASK ME QUESTIONS!!! This is one of THE most important days of your life, you are ALLOWED to ask me all the questions you can think of and I will be HAPPY to answer every single one of them!

Step 4: You will receive a proposal!

Once you have given me the delight of hearing: “KATE! We want YOU to shoot our day!” I will email you over a proposal with the package and/or the a la carte items you desire for your day! This proposal will include the package breakdown, the payment breakdown (50% due at time of booking to hold the date) and the contract! Please know this: the contract may sound intimidating, but it is basically the understanding we have already come to put in a fancy way - it also protects you and myself in the event of any unforeseen circumstances!


Yayyyy!! At this point, you can rest assured that your photographer is GOOD TO GO! No really, after shooting almost 100+ weddings, I have been thrown every card in the book and you can sleep at night knowing that I will ALWAYS have your best interests in mind and will always do my very best on my end to be fully prepared and flexible for ANYTHING that day! At this point, I will also send over a short questionnaire: please don’t ignore this! This is CRUCIAL information that I need for your day! If you don’t know the answer to some, that’s totally okay! But if it’s something you can discuss real quick with your other half so that I have that info moving forward - that would be AMAZING!


Step 6: Engagement photos!

Hey you. Yeah you. Guess what? I TOTALLY get that not everyone spends their time infront of a camera. I understand that you may feel hesitant or awkward or nervous. But guess what? That’s exactly why you have me!! I will be your biggest hype-woman not only on your wedding, but if we take engagement photos as well - and little plug - you SHOULD have an engagement session with me! Why? Because I’m fun :D okay no but seriously, the reason I love them so much is because it establishes that connection and trust I talked about earlier BEFORE the wedding day!

Step 7: I will like your Instagram photos.

This may sound silly, but hear me out. The heart behind that sentence isn’t shallow. I value you. I value that you are experiencing one of the most exciting and stressful and wonderful times of your life! And I want you to know that I am excited for you! That means I will engage on social media - the contact form asked for your handles for a reason! I don’t want us to be strangers for however long until your wedding. I will tell you that outfit is cute, or happy birthday to your sister or OMG THAT DOG IS ADORABLE. Because I care!

Step 8: Closer to your wedding, I will check in on scheduling.

THIS IS SO IMPORTANT FOR YOU TO KNOW! Again, having many many weddings under my belt, I have come to realize how important it is that I am involved in some way in the scheduling process. Depending on what you are envisioning your photos looking like can sometimes require more or less time than you think! 2 weeks before the wedding I will check in and ask about the schedule! I will ask so that I can look over how much time we have for what, and depending on those questionnaire answers, will tell you if anything needs to be tweaked! This will be when the final payment is due also, but don’t worry - you will receive reminders before the $$ due date! :)

Step 9: Wedding day!

OMG IT’S HERE!!!!! Are you ready to have FUN and create MAGIC? Trust me, it’s going to be GREAT! And remember when I told you you have no reason to feel nervous about being in front of the camera? That still applies!! But you had your engagement photos done, and so you already know my approach and that I have your back 100% to create BEAUTIFUL images!! Bring on the dad jokes, my bad dance moves and hyping you upppp - SO EXCITED!

Step 10: 4-6 weeks later, you will receive your photos!

I will always send previews by the 1 week mark! I understand how excited you are to see and relive those moments so I will send a small gallery with highlight images from each part of the day around 1 week after your wedding! Sometimes, during the off season, I will send you your FULL wedding gallery within 2 weeks! But I ALWAYS try my hardest to get you your photos by the 1 month mark! Please believe me when I say I am just as excited to give you your images as you are in waiting to receive them! Check out my FAQ page for more specific info on this!

Step 11: You have memories to last you the rest of your days!

Once your gallery is delivered, you will have a specific amount of time to download all of them. I also talk about what you should do once you receive your photos in the FAQ tab - so be sure to check that out! But from here, I love to continue to watch from afar (aka social media) on what your lives look like post wedding! Fun fact: I have a bride from 2014 who I still follow and who still follows me! We love being able to comment on each other’s photos and continue the friendship! I would love the same with you!

Step 12: Leave a review!

Okay, so this isn’t ABSOLUTELY necessary, but it would mean the entire world x infinity and beyond if you did!! Imagine putting your heart, soul, sweat, late nights, sometimes 12 straight hours a day +, expertise, perfection, and hard work into something that you know will impact someone for the rest of their lives - and then never hear back from them. Now I totally understand life after wedding day is incredible and busy (hey-o honeymoon!!) but when you receive your photos it makes me feel so warm and fuzzy to hear you rave about them! I don’t do this for me - I take photos for every single one of my couples who inspire me every day and I would LOVE to hear from you!!! <3 <3