It's so much more than money... 

And don't forget that! I'm not here to simply pick your pockets. I get it, weddings are


With that being said... 

This is my job, not a hobby, and photographing these beautiful moments is also how I survive, pay bills and provide myself with the resources to create magic for you!

I believe a little kindness can go a long way... 

And as long as there is a sense of appreciation through this whole process, I am willing to work something out for you if I am able to. Let's just talk about it!



New!!! New!!!

Kalon Weddings now offers PHOTO + VIDEO Packages for 2019!! WOO!

Wedding Photo + Video collections start at $4650!

Kalon Weddings has partnered with Edwards Film Productions for 2019 to offer photo + video coverage!

To view their work and talk more info, inquire under the BOOK ME tab!


Wedding Photo collections start at $3000 for 8 hours of coverage!

10 hour and full day coverage (up to 12 hours) options available as well!!

Please don’t hesitate to email or text for more info on what else is included, and what can be added!

A La Carte + Add ons

Day-After Session -- $300

On a bit of a time crunch for scheduling some portraits of just you and your best friend during the day of your wedding? Have no fear, the day-after session is here! Don't worry you don't have to wake up early.. sleep in all you want! But the purpose of the day-after session is to get exactly what you want in terms of portraits of just you two when the hustle and bustle of running a wedding means you are (or were) shorted on portraits of you two! OR you really really wanted a specific super dope location for portraits of you two but couldn't utilize it because of time! Well now you can get that with a day-after session!

There's only ONE requirement: you have to wear your wedding clothes again! This is where we can go wherever and do whatever the next day in the afternoon/evening without the pressures of a wedding timeline and the best part? You get BOMB pictures you can have in your wedding gallery because of it!

Engagement Session -- $500

Second Shooter -- $50/hr for at least 6 hours

Additional Hours -- $300/hr

Expedited Delivery (1 week) -- $2000

Highlight Video during couple's portraits** -- $600

**This is NOT a highlight video of your wedding day. This is only video footage of your time together during photos of just you two.  Footage type is non-negotiable - no exceptions! ONLY applicable if not hiring a videographer!**

Professionally Printed 16x24 Canvas -- $100

A Super Fun & Awesome Photographer Who Takes Awesome Pics -- $FREE

Handful of solid Dad Jokes -- $Also Free


Travel Fees $1000 (in addition to package price)

U.S. Elopements start at $800