Frequently Asked Questions


Your photos are beautiful & I’m interested but — I’m not really comfortable in front of the camera! How do I navigate that? Guess what? All of the galleries on my ‘weddings & elopements’ and ‘engagements’ tabs are REAL couples who inquired and booked - and who also said the same thing! Nobody should feel like they “need to be a model” in order to book me. I’m just as awkward (if not more) as you may feel in front of the camera. I totally understand that a majority of us don’t constantly get their picture taken. And that is why my goal is to make you feel 100% comfortable with me! Establishing that trust from the beginning means that not only will your images be beautiful, but you will feel completely at ease while shooting! :)

Alright… then I am interested in booking you - now what? As long as you checked out all these galleries (and they fit your vision for your wedding), and then checked out the packages I offer here, all you have to do now is fill out the contact form in the Book Your Girl Now! tab. This is so important so that I can not only get to know you better but so that I am able to know a few specific things about your wedding such as where it’s at, how many people you are expecting, and how ready you are to book me! :) All of these things help ensure that I can help in any way I can during this beginning process!

Okay! I filled out the contact form and pressed send! Great!! You should be receiving a response from me within the hour! Yes, I did say within the hour. I value good communication, and never want to leave you hanging or waiting unnecessarily! On weekends it may take up to 24 hours or so because that is usually when I am shooting weddings and engagements ;) but if you don’t hear from me within a couple days, it’s possible that I didn’t receive your email (no! sad day) and so I would follow up just to be safe :) once you do hear back from me, I am an open book! Ask me any and all questions you may have, and NEVER feel like you have too many! <3

I got most of my questions answered, how do I book? Once you decide you are ready to book me as your photographer (YAASS!) all you have to do is email me and let me know! From there, I will send a proposal via email that will include basic information I need from you guys, as well as information on how payments will work and when, a final breakdown of your package and what is all included, and then the contract for you to review! Both a deposit and signed contract (signed by both the bride and the groom) are needed in order to ensure that your date is officially booked and blocked from other inquiries! Once you receive this email, keep it somewhere where you can easily find it again! It has all the information for when the next payment is due! :)

I’m booked!! YAY! I’m so excited - what should I expect now? As soon as the proposal is sent, paid and signed, I will be sending over a “Get To Know You Questionnaire”! Please please please don’t ignore this! These details are important for me to know so that I can properly prepare for your wedding! After that questionnaire though, depending on how far in advance you booked me and if you booked an engagement session, we will mainly be staying in contact via social media (if you have it)! I usually ask right away when you were thinking of having your engagement photos done and try to get a date on the books asap! If you booked me for your wedding only, I like to keep it simple and usually won’t check in again (unless I have questions) until closer to the 2 week mark which is when the final payment as well as a rough schedule (if not final schedule) is due by! :) but I enjoy hyping you up and being engaged with you via social media, so if I haven’t found you yet, I’m on Instagram (@kalonweddings) and Facebook (Kalon Weddings Photography)!! And most importantly, I will ALWAYS be available for ANY questions you may have - whether that’s text or email - at any point between booking and the wedding!

It’s reaching the 2 week mark you mentioned above, what should I have prepared? At this point, your final payment as well as a finalized schedule is due! Don’t be scared if you don’t have a “finalized” schedule. What I mean is more of an outline of the day with general times for getting ready, ceremony, cocktail hour, reception etc etc. I don’t need the times for when the DJ or rentals arrive, I just need the important times during the day so that I can finalize things on my end personally, as well as the second shooter if that was included!

It’s wedding day! What should I be prepared for? YAYAYAY! You can know I am SO excited about being involved in your special day as soon as I arrive! I am very punctual. My motto is early is on time, on time is late, and late is never okay. If I haven’t shot at your venue before, and was unable to visit before your day, I will arrive early to scout and look around before I start shooting. Once I do though, and your answer was yes to the question “Do you value detail photos?” in that questionnaire I mentioned above, expect me to ask where your jewelry, shoes, dress, invitations, etc etc are so that I can start detail shots! For the rest of the day we will have fun and I will direct and take initiative when needed! Especially during family photos, you don’t have to worry about me shying away from big families or anything of that sort. I take charge and am conscientious that there is a schedule we are trying to stick to!

Wow. I had a blast having you as my photographer, when can I expect to see photos? Hey. I had a blast with you too! Let’s rewind and do it again ;) from here my full gallery turnaround time is anywhere from 2-4 weeks! For weddings that are NOT during my busy season (December-May) my goal is to send you your gallery by 2 weeks. For the busy season (June-November) you should expect closer to 4 weeks! I usually always try to send sneak peek highlights within 1 week (sometimes next day if I don’t have a wedding <3) for weddings during my slow time and 2 weeks for weddings during my busy season! But my philosophy is this: I am just as excited to get you your images as you are in waiting for them! BUT WAIT! There is one last thing you should know: There should be a plan on your end about what you’re going to do when you receive your photos. Will you keep them on a desktop? Will you put them on a hard drive? I definitely suggest saving them to either a laptop or desktop and then backing them up using an external hard drive! (I personally use the Seagate ones for my own business photo back ups - they’re pretty solid!)

Can I pick the second shooter? Due to maintaining the authenticity of my work and ensuring that everything goes smoothly on the day of your wedding, I have a pool of other professional photographers that I ask for second shooting and about 4 people who are always my go-to! But all of them completely and fully represent who I am and my work philosophy as well!

How many weddings have you done? At the close of 2019 I will have shot just shy of 100 weddings :) You can rest assured this is NOT my first rodeo, I have been thrown many many curveballs through those 100 weddings and am happy and proud to say that I accepted all the various challenges in various situations and had the couple’s back the whole time - but don’t take my word for it, read about what real couples had to say here! <3

Do you give RAW images? Similar to picking a second shooter, I do not give RAW files to anyone in order to keep my work and editing style authentic and true to who I am. There are millions of wedding photographers out there, and in order to stand out I gotta keep it real with what I produce here ya know? ;)

Do you do elopements? UM YES! Absolutely I do. In fact I think they are so special and unique and are a GREAT opportunity to get EXACTLY what you want in terms of photos because we don’t have to worry about 100+ guests, or schedules or venues. <3

Do you do destination weddings/elopements? Heck yessssss!! Both photos below were from a wedding in JAMAICA!!! To view some more of my destination/international work, CLICK HERE!! :D