Paradise Falls Wedding // Temecula Wedding Venues // Danny & Stephanie

I don’t know if you guys are ready for what these two brought to the table!! Danny & Stephanie were not only super fun to work with but they added so many fun elements of their relationship to their wedding!!

From Lion King/Disney/Harry Potter/Lord of Rings music being played while the guests arrived, to having a hawk fly in the rings for them.


You heard right. Everyone meet Floyd, the hawk that had probably the most important job of the day that day :P But he did it! The best man acted like he had “lost the rings” and then Floyd came flying in and saved the day. It was pretty great ;)

I also got to hold him. Just saying hahaha

But in all seriousness, what made this day so special was not all the bells and whistles that were included, it was because of the love that these two shared and that their families witnessed this day! Such an honor to be apart of these wonderful times <3