Bowers Museum CA // Southern California Wedding Photography // Rohan & Sarah

My favorite thing about Rohan & Sarah’s wedding was their mix of modern, artistic and cultural inspirations. I am always genuinely happy to incorporate different and unique things into weddings/engagements. Bowers museum was filled with art and we were able to create some magic that truly represent them as a couple!

It was also super interesting to see how both of their cultures were represented during the ceremony! The symbolization of two families coming together in celebration of their children marrying was seriously so cool and touched me deeply!

Another favorite part of their day was that Sarah and her dad surprised everyone with a tap dance during the reception! I’m a daddy’s girl to the core, so it was especially sweet to watch them do that together!

People sometimes ask me if I ever tire of shooting weddings week and after week. But genuinely, every wedding is so different. Granted, yes there are aspects to every wedding that are the same, but because every couple is different, that means every wedding is different as well! And I love that about weddings :)

Enjoy this art infused, elegant wedding at Bowers Museum! Truly such an honor to shoot this wedding!

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