Secluded Garden Estate Wedding Venue // Temecula Wedding Photographer // John & Cynthia

So I was informed this day that the groom referred to me as "The Lebron James of photography."

I almost cried!! Best compliment I've ever received. Now I ain't trying to start a basketball war here so let's just take that as it is ;) haha!

But this wedding could not have been more beautiful! The planner was absolutely AMAZING and was SO KEY in making this wedding work the way it did! If you are on the fence about whether or not to have a planner/coordinator - DO IT! You will NOT regret it, especially if it's Jessica from Crowned Events! I think I told her like 80 times that she's amazing that day!

I absolutely get so giddy like a kid on Christmas when I hear the words "We are open for anything" from my couples! I think as artists we are sometimes hindered from letting our artistic "artsy fartsy" side out on weddings because we feel pressured to have them look a certain way - not pressured by the couple, pressured by ourselves! We already have this weight on our shoulders of capturing such an IMPORTANT time in two people's lives and I know for me, I would NEVER want to ruin that and I know some people don't have the same "eye" for art like others do (which is TOTALLY okay!) and so I don't want them to look at the photos and think "wait why" haha! I'm rambling now but you get the picture (heh pun intended) - the couple was down and I got excited ;)

Anyways, enjoy this beautiful day! 

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