Southern California Engagement Photography // Brandon & Rachel

The one thing that stuck out to me with Brandon & Rachel is how they lit up around each other. Brandon was absolutely enthralled with Rachel, and the look of adoration on Rachel's face anytime she looked at him or talked about him was something you would imagine in a movie!

When Rachel talked about what she envisioned for the engagement photos I just kept getting more excited! Not just for the engagement session but for their wedding as well. I knew that the colors, the floral ideas and everything in between was going to make the day gorgeous!

We had a ton of fun during this sesh and CAN WE JUST TALK ABOUT THE FACT THAT THE SUN WAS EXCITED FOR THEM TOO??? The sunset was STUNNING for them! I still can't get over how perfect it was. I love when you can see the sun's rays peaking through the clouds and that was literally what was happening pretty much the whole time, so be ready to pick your jaw up off the ground multiple times!