Southern California Wedding Photography // Adam & Minerva

My favorite thing about this day was how much support and love surrounded Adam & Minerva for their special day! Everyone knew - with full & complete confidence - that these two were meant to be together. And the way that everyone talked about Adam & Minerva was just so sweet and full of love and joy that it was truly quite overwhelming (in a good way).

It always always ALWAYS leaves me humbled and grateful to have this as my job. To be apart of these incredibly wonderful and intimate moments of two people, with their families and closest friends celebrating the choice of being with that person for the rest of their lives. I seriously love my job so much and tear up every time I remember how blessed I am to witness such wonderful support and love!

Every couple teaches me something new about this art and how I capture moments. My couples seriously do motivate and inspire me, and after this wonderful day I was filled to the brim with inspiration and determination to create BEAUTIFUL memories of the BEAUTIFUL moments I get to witness time and time again!