Southern California Wedding Photography // Mike & Yena

I had the pleasure of being able to document Mike & Yena's story through both engagement photos and wedding photos! And lemme tell ya - if you are on the fence about whether or not you want/need engagement photos, DO IT! Having that connection with you and your fiance prior to the wedding day makes the experience for everyone involved so much smoother! You've already heard me gawk about this so many times, so I'll keep it short.

Do it :P

But oh man, Wattles Mansion did not disappoint here! THE VIEWS. Man, the views. You could see DTLA and the skyline beyond as the sun slowly set. So so so much about this day was just way too perfect! Ugh. Still crying re-living it (Am I really crying? Maybe. Guess you'll never know ;P)

Okay yes I am.

Because there is literally nothing better than watching the day unfold again and again through photos! I simply love it!

So enjoy Mike & Yena's perfect day! It was definitely one for the books!