Southern California Wedding Photography // Justin & Alex

One of my very very favorite things is when my couples have weddings that are over a year to a year out.

I know that may sound strange, but it's because we are able to interact with each other for longer than the normal 6-10 month range. Alex & Justin booked me last year for their Cinco De Mayo 2018 wedding, and she always told me how much she loved being able to follow along on all the weddings I did, and how excited she would get for her own wedding as I posted about them all!

There is truly nothing sweeter than to hear those words come out of the mouth of my brides!! When I say that I want you to be as excited about me being there to capture your day as I am to BE there, I really do mean it! And desiring that kind of connection with your vendors will actually prove to be so helpful once your day actually comes. Why? Because it reduces stress, miscommunication, and makes it so much more fun and enjoyable!! Imagine feeling like you have a friend photographing your wedding instead of a stranger?? Comfortability level HIGH!

Oh, also.... not only are they the sweetest most dedicated and in love couple I've ever seen, but THEY HAD A CHURRO MAN during the reception.

Is it just me or do my couples know I love food? ;)

Stay tuned for a blog post about how to get these kind of detail shots on your wedding day! If you value the details like Alex did, she was the perfect example of preparedness for that!

Enjoyyyyyyy xoxo