Southern California Wedding Photography // James & Emily

If a backyard wedding could get any more beautiful... I would probably die :P

Ever since James & Emily's engagement session, I knew that their wedding was going to be special. And their wedding did not disappoint! I mean for one, Emily was the first bride to fulfill my lifelong dream of eating in n out a wedding ;) BUT they ALSO had tacos.

In n out & tacos? YOU JUST CAN'T GO WRONG!

But in all seriousness... the love and support these two were showered with for their day was nothing short of amazing! I seriously LOVE backyard weddings so much because it adds a super sweet, intimate vibe to the wedding. James & Emily had their special day at their parents home - with their wedding being number 18 (or 19?.. one of those but still... a LOT)

The wedding was simple, yet so incredibly impactful because of the support - and I loved every minute of it!