Santa Monica Pier Engagement Photos // Santa Monica Pier LA // Martee & Abbey

Woowee!! Where to even begin with these two?! We had SO much fun shooting their engagement and I am so excited for their wedding in ARIZONA later this year! I love Arizona because I love the heat. I know I know, you think I'm crazy but for me (someone who is cold blooded HAHA) it's easier for me to cool down than it is to warm up. So yay AZ ;P

We went to the Santa Monica Pier and I wasn't sure if they'd be down to get pics on the ferris wheel but... spoiler alert... THEY WERE AND IT WAS AWESOME!!! haha

It was super perfect with the sunset and everything too... so so pretty!

After the pier we headed to the LACMA lights on Wilshire. I'm always so excited when couples are down to be complete goofballs one minute and then are able to channel some inner Vogue/GQ ya know?? And these two killed it!!!

Anyways, you'll see how fun they are below! :)