Yosemite Engagement Photographers // Yosemite Elopement Photographers // Ben & Jessica


Yep. I said it. This dog is basically a wolf with a small part of husky in her. And her name is Sasha!

Of course, let's not forget the beautiful humans gracing the screen today - Ben & Jessica! I met these two through Jessica's sister because I take photos of her kids every year for their birthdays. But these two are the cutest people you ever did see! They couldn't stop giggling and laughing with each other the whole time and whether that was from nerves or not -- it was perfect!

We were hoping for some snow that day, but SoCal did what SoCal does best and melted all the snow that was there earlier that week. (Literally shot at this same location earlier in the week and there was still a decent amount of snow left)

But regardless, it was a beautiful day to do engagement photos with these tw-- three! Ben, Jessica & Sasha :)