Yosemite Engagement Photographers // Yosemite Elopement Photographers // Jared & Rachyl

These two braved the cold for their session! It was actually snowing about 15 mins before they arrived but then it stopped (cuz #Cali haha) I say braved the cold but they were actually pretty used it coming from Tahoe... I on the other hand had on like 5 jackets haha!

But their doggos had their time to shine too! Such a fun little family ;) 

Super excited for their wedding in September! Probably won't have to worry about the cold so much by that point ;)

Also *note: I am a professional in making noises that are probably not human to get the attention of the dogs haha!! I usually get laughs from the couple before the dogs even turn their heads. Anyways. Let's just stare at these cuties for a while eh?