El Matador Beach Engagement // El Matador Beach, Malibu // Josh & Madalyn

Combine a super hot couple with a super dope location and what do you get? THESE PHOTOS!!!!! 

I was DYINGGGG this whole shoot! Like how is it fair that they even exist? hahaha no but for real. These are two of the kindest people you will ever meet. They were so fun and so down for anything and my favorite part was that they weren't afraid to be goofy and silly. They weren't afraid to portray their sillier side and I LOVE when couples are comfortable enough to do that!

That is always my goal. To make you feel as comfortable as possible so that I can capture your relationship as authentically as possible! I don't want to put you in a place you wouldn't normally go. 

Hate the beach? Don't shoot there!! If you prefer cuddling up at home - DO THAT! If you guys regularly slap each other on the butt - DO THAT! Do what you guys would normally do while you are with me because I promise you, when you get your photos back they will be MEMORIES instead of just photos.

Okay shutting up :)