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One of the first things you should know about me is that I love Jesus, good food and dancing. My philosophy is simple: to capture you both in a way that means something to you and truly represents your love and everything that makes you and your best friend who you are!


INTEGRITY is extremely important to me in regards to my work. The only way to have a true connection with someone is through trust and I make sure to establish that from the get-go with honesty and open communication. 

I always, always use the term HONORED when chosen to photograph someone's special day, because it truly is such an incredible opportunity and I will treat it with the sensitivity and professionalism your day deserves.

But the most important thing to me is having FUN while doing that.

Let's laugh. hug. and dance. Lessss paarrrttyyyy!


Okay... enough of the business side -- now on to the fun parts about me!

I'm secretly trying to get every wedding I book to have the In n Out truck.... needless to say... I love in n out & my secret's out (I could also go for pizza... just saying ;)

If you bring your pet(s) to your wedding or engagement I will seriously love you forever!!! Pets are my jam!

As you will see below, I usually only have 1 facial expression... haha but I'm probably the most optimistic person you will ever meet!

I love taking photos with my couples if we get the chance!

You will see just a few below! 


What's with this Kalon?

 [pronounced kay-uh-lun] (n) "Beauty that is more than skin deep."

Kalon completely and totally represents the kind of connection and experience I strive to offer my couples. I want it to be more than just "photographer" & "client." I want you guys to feel appreciated and to believe without a doubt that I will treat you the way you deserve and will go the extra mile when necessary! I strive for a connection that goes deeper than just surface stuff.


Words of Love

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